What Kind of Gas does a Pressure Washer Use?

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By Kirsi Jansa

It is recommended to use regular 87-octane gas with no more than 10% ethanol. You must buy fuel for pressure washers from a reputable gas station as it will contain less water and sediment. Moreover, gas older than 30 days must not be used in a pressure washer.

This gas is commonly known as E10. E15 and E85 are not recommended to use in pressure washers.

Just a Pro Tip: Do not buy gas from a gas station if you see a fuel truck filling up the station’s gas reservoir. It will be rich in sediment because the gas pump will stir all the sediment that has settled at the bottom.

Why do pressure washers use regular 87-octane gas?

Pressure washers have small 4-stroke engines. They can’t handle high-octane or premium gas and may require more pulls to start. Moreover, high-octane is costly, so you will be wasting money on it.

Why can’t I use gas older than 30 days in my pressure washer?

Moisture starts to build up in gas stored inside a container. It increases the water content inside the gas. It can cause rough idle, low power output, stalling, and damaged engine parts.

Gas left in a container may also develop sediment at the bottom. You must use a filter while pouring gas into your pressure washer.

It is also recommended not to leave gas in the pressure washer for more than 30 days without adding a fuel stabilizer. The gas evaporates, leaving behind a thick tar-like substance that blocks the carburetor.

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How to store gas for a pressure washer?

You must store gas in a gas-only container that is properly locked and sealed at all times. Label the storage date with a sticker so you don’t accidentally use older gas in your tools. Keep the containers in a cool, dry place, preferably at room temperature without excessive moisture, away from flames and children’s reach.

Why use gas with 10% ethanol?

Gas with a low ethanol ratio burns cleaner. Ethanol above 10% will make the engine do more work, resulting in engine damage.

Which gas to use in 2-stroke pressure washers?

You will rarely find a 2-stroke pressure washer. 2-stroke engines require mixed gasoline. The ratio for mixing gasoline and two-cycle engine oil is 32:1. It means one gallon of gasoline combined with 4 oz of 2-cycle engine oil.

Don’t forget to check the user manual before preparing the gas-oil mixture for a two-stroke engine.

Can you use 93-octane (high-octane) gas in a pressure washer?

Most manufacturers recommend using regular 87-octane gas in pressure washers. It is not recommended to use 93 octane high-octane in a pressure washer because small engines have a low compression ratio. They won’t be able to handle high-octane gasoline. It may not damage the engine, making it harder to start.

What kind of gas for a Honda pressure washer?

Honda pressure washers use regular 87-octane gas. Honda puts high-quality engines in its pressure washers. You’ll get excellent results if you use high-quality gas in it.

Which gas should I put in my Briggs & Stratton pressure washer?

You must use only 87 octane regular gas with 10% ethanol in all Briggs & Stratton pressure washers.

Which is the right gas for the DeWalt pressure washer?

A DeWalt pressure washer uses 87-octane gas with 10% ethanol. You can buy this gas from any gas station.

What kind of gas for a Ryobi pressure washer?

Ryobi pressure washers also use regular 87-octane gas with 10% ethanol. Ensure you don’t use gas older than 30 days in your pressure washer.

Which gas should I use in my Generac pressure washer?

Use fresh 87-octane regular gas in your Generac pressure washer. The gas must be free from sediment and not older than 30 days.

Which gas is recommended for Troy-Bilt and Simpson Pressure washers?

Both manufacturers recommend using 87-octane regular gas with 10% ethanol.

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