How to Winterize a Gas Powered Pressure Washer?

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By Kirsi Jansa

Freezing temperatures and stale gas are the biggest adversaries of a gas pressure washer. Winterizing a gas pressure washer is critical to keep it running optimally for a long time. Let’s learn the correct way to winterize a gas-pressure washer.

  • Replace the gas inside the tank if you haven’t used your pressure washer for a couple of weeks. It will help prevent the gas from degrading and prolong its age for up to 6 months. Make sure that you are using adding the right kind of gas in your pressure washer.
  • Add fuel stabilizer to your tank.
  • Run the pressure washer for 2 minutes after adding fuel stabilizer to circulate it through the engine and carburetor.
  • Check oil levels in the engine and the pump. Replace the engine oil if it has 20 operational hours on.
  • Flush out the detergent tank/hose by placing the detergent inlet in a clean water tank.
  • Remove the hoses, attachments, and wands, and drain as much water as possible. Draining water is critical to avoid water freezing inside the pipes when the temperature drops below the freezing point.
  • Pull the recoil handle 1-2 times to flush out the remaining water in the pump.
  • Attach the pump saver to the water inlet in the pump. Run the pump saver until it starts to come out from the other side of the pump. You can pull the recoil cord if you have an unpressurized pump saver.

You can also pull the recoil cord if you have an unpressurized pump saver

  • Some brands recommend removing the spark plug before storing your pressure washer.
  • Check your user manual on how and where to store your pressure washer at the end of the season.

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Some Tips for Winterizing Pressure Washers 

  • Lock the trigger at the on position to drain all the water from the pipes.
  • Wipe washer hoses, water inlet/outlet, spray gun, and water nozzles with a towel to remove water that may freeze in winter.
  • Always follow your washer’s user manual for fuel, stabilizer, and pump saver.
  • Add fuel stabilizer as the first step for the winterizing process.

Add some fuel stabilizer to your tank. Refer to your washer’s user manual to select the right fuel stabilizer.

Do I need to winterize the gas pressure washer only at the start of winter? 

It is recommended to winterize a gas pressure washer if you plan on not using it for more than 30 days. The gas inside the tank can be stale and cause mechanical problems.

Where can I store my gas pressure washer? 

You can store your gas pressure washer in a garage or building that doesn’t freeze. You must ensure that rodents and small animals don’t damage your pressure washer. Using a cover to protect your washer from dust, debris, and frost is a good idea.

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