How to Quiet a Gas Powered Pressure Washer?

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By Kirsi Jansa

A gas-powered pressure washer delivers more PSI and cleaning units than an electric pressure washer. However, it is noisier and more challenging to maintain.

So, many owners wonder if they can quiet their gas-powered washer and how they can do it.

4 Ways to Quiet a Gas-Powered Pressure Washer

  1. Install a muffler
  2. Use longer hoses
  3. Build a sound-reduction cabin
  4. Buy a latest model with a noise-reduction technology

Install a Muffler 

Visit a nearby muffler shop and have them install a small muffler from a Honda or Toyota pressure washer. Many users do this for their older pressure washers, significantly reducing noise.

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Use Longer Hoses

You can use longer hoses with your pressure washer to reduce the sound near you. It is a great idea for occasional home users. Many professionals also do this. They keep the washers on the trailers/trucks and run hoses from the water inlet to the cleaning area to reduce the noise while working. It also helps keep the noise away from your clients and neighbors.

However, you will not be able to keep your equipment in sight with this method. It can result in the pump and engine overheating or the washer running out of gas.

Build a Sound-Reduction Cabin

Professional cleaners often make sound-reduction cabins with proper exhausts for night jobs. It cuts the sound up to 60%. However, you must design and build the cabin carefully to ensure easy access to the washer and proper exhaust. It is a good idea to add 2 exhaust fans to the sound reduction cabin for proper inlet and exhaust to keep air moving and allow the machine to run cooler.

ensure easy access to washer and proper exhausts.

However, it may not work well if you live in a hot and humid area. The incoming air will already be hot, failing to make the cooling effect.

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Buy a Latest Model with a Noise-Reduction Technology

Some brands like Briggs & Stratton, Craftsman, and Honda have high-end models that run quieter than traditional pressure washers. These models are costly but run silently.

How loud is a gas-powered pressure washer?

A gas-pressure washer consists of an air-cooled engine and a water pump. These tools are generally on the louder side. Most gas-powered washers operate at 85-100 decibels. It is recommended to use hearing protection when working with loud machines.

Some models come with sound reduction technology with a sound rating as low as 50 decibels.

Why are pressure washers so loud?

Pressure washers are loud due to the engines in them. The noise you hear is mostly the engine sound and not the exhaust. Air-cooled engines are generally louder than other engines. Honda pressure washers are much quieter than Kohler pressure washers.

Can you lower the RPM to quiet an air-cooled engine?

Yes. You can but it isn’t recommended. Air-cooled engines are designed to run at full speed for proper cooling. Moreover, running at lower RPMs will not produce enough voltage for the burner in the hot-water units.

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