How to Drain Gas from a Pressure Washer?

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By Kirsi Jansa

Method 1: Using a hand Siphon

Things Required

  • Gas container
  • Hand Siphon


  • Place your pressure washer on a flat surface outside your home.
  • Remove the wire from the spark plug for safety purposes.
  • Remove the cap from the gas tank on your pressure washer and the spare gas container.
  • A hand siphon has two tubes; place the solid one in the pressure washer’s fuel tank and the other end in the gas tank.
  • Continue squeezing and releasing the bulb until all the gas drains from the pressure washer.
  • Drain the fuel from the carburetor by losing the screw or the bowl. Follow the user manual to see how to do this on your specific model.

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Method 2: Unhooking the Fuel Line to Drain Gas from Ryobi & Briggs and Stratton Gas-Powered Pressure Washer 

Things Required

  • Gas container
  • A pair of fuel line clamps
  • Pliers


  • Place your pressure washer on a flat surface.
  • Clamp the fuel line to stop the fuel supply.
  • Release the fuel line clamp and slide it down the fuel line. Follow the image below to set it up.

Follow the image below for setting it up.

  • Pull the fuel line down from the carburetor or the fuel pump.
  • Direct the fuel line towards the gas container. You can use a funnel with the gas tank for easy fuel management.
  • Reattach the hose once all the fuel has been drained.
  • Use pliers to re-clamp the fuel line.
  • Remove the leftover fuel from the carburetor by loosening the screw on the carburetor or removing the bowl.

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Safety Tips for Draining Gas from a Pressure Washer 

  • Never siphon gas with your mouth.
  • Don’t remove the screw entirely while draining the carburetor.
  • Don’t use flames or smoke while handling gasoline.

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Is it ok to leave gas in a pressure washer? 

Yes. You can leave gas in a pressure washer but for not more than 30 days. Unused gas can go bad after 30 days and damage key components like the carburetor and engine pistons. Drain gas or add a fuel stabilizer if you plan on not using your pressure washer for more than 30 days.

When should I drain gasoline from my pressure washer? 

You should remove the gasoline from your pressure washer if you are storing your pressure washer in your basement or garage or transporting it in a vehicle. It is not a good idea to have combustible materials in your home and garage. You’ll also need to remove gas from the engine for any maintenance.

It is compulsory to drain the fuel when you are de-winterizing your pressure washer. It removes the fuel stabilizer that you added while winterizing your pressure washer.

Why isn’t it a good idea to run the engine to drain the gas? 

You would probably need to drain the gas from your pressure washer if it has gone bad or you are de-winterizing your pressure washer. Pressure washer experts suggest against using gas older than one month in the pressure washer. Hence, using old gas can damage your washer’s engine.

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