Honda HRN216KVA 21-inch Walk Behind Gas Lawn Mower Review

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By Kirsi Jansa

The traditional gas lawn mower has come a long way, integrating advanced technology while retaining the robustness required for rigorous lawn maintenance. Their unparalleled efficiency makes them a top choice for homeowners seeking powerful and reliable mowing solutions.

Honda HRN216VKA 21-inch Walk Behind Gas Lawn Mower Review

Honda HRN216VKA 21-inch Walk Behind Gas Lawn Mower Review

Introducing the Honda HRN216VKA, a 21″ walk-behind mower, characterized by its superior engineering and unmatched efficiency. Powered by the formidable Honda GCV170 engine, this model boasts features tailored for utmost convenience and best-in-class mowing performance.

Quick Overview

  • Cutting Width: 21″
  • Mowing Height Range: 1″-4″
  • Ground Speed: 0 to 4.0 mph
  • Bag Capacity: 1.9 bushels
  • Dry Weight: 79 lb

Honda HRN216VKA 21-inch Walk Behind Gas Lawn Mower Review

Detailed Review

Smart Drive & Performance

The mower is notably self-propelled, boasting a variable speed Smart Drive. This feature guarantees intuitive control that can be adjusted from a leisurely 0 to a brisk 4 mph. Further enhancing its user-centric design, the mower presents five adjustable positions. This adaptability ensures user comfort and a seamless and enjoyable mowing experience.

Versatility & Efficiency

This machine impressively comes equipped with a 3 in 1 system facilitated by the Clip Director®. This innovative addition allows for mulching, bagging, or discharging without the fuss of extra attachments. And it doesn’t just stop at versatility. Even under taxing mowing conditions, the mower delivers superior mulching and bagging performance, a feat attributed to its cutting-edge design.

Versatility & Efficiency

Design & Durability

Turning our attention to Design and Durability, the mower’s heavy-duty 21″ steel deck stands out. This isn’t a feature added on a whim; it’s meticulously designed to optimize airflow. The result? Enhanced mulching and bagging capacities. Honda’s intuitive engine layout comes to the rescue in terms of maintenance, granting users swift access to crucial components. This ease of maintenance is further supported by an 8″ high traction wheel system, ensuring stability across various mowing terrains.

User-Friendly Additions

The dual-lever height adjustment system is a standout feature. It offers users the convenience to toggle between 7 distinct cutting heights, ranging from 1″ to a lofty 4″. Pair this with the enhanced maneuverability, courtesy of the 2-Way Ratchet System, and users find reduced effort during sharp turns. The easy fold quick release handle also simplifies height adjustment and storage solutions, making the mower’s operation and upkeep a breeze.

Safety & Maintenance

Lastly, under Safety & Maintenance, the mower is diligently equipped with a flywheel brake safety system. This safety-first feature ensures that the engine immediately stops once the brake lever is released, ensuring peace of mind during operations. Complementing this is the manual fuel shut-off valve, a handy tool for transporting, storing, or maintaining tasks.

Safety & Maintenance


  • Variable speed Smart Drive allows for customizable mowing pace.
  • 3 in 1 system with Clip Director® offers versatile mulching, bagging, or discharging without additional attachments.
  • Honda GCV170 Engine ensures reliable and easy starts in diverse mowing conditions.
  • 2-Way Ratchet System significantly enhances maneuverability in tight spaces.
  • Dual-Lever Height Adjustment provides a convenient choice of 7 different cutting heights.


  • At 79 lb dry weight, it may be heavier than some other models in its class.
  • Limited to a 90-day commercial warranty, which may be short for professional use.
  • 8″ plastic wheels might not be as durable as metal or rubber alternatives in the long run.
  • Starter system is recoil-based, lacking electric start convenience.
  • Manual fuel shut-off valve requires extra attention during transport and storage.

User Feedback

Positive Reviews

  • Many customers appreciate the large 1.9 bushel grass bag, highlighting how it requires fewer emptying trips, making the mowing process more efficient.
  • The inclusion of the flywheel brake safety system has been a hit among safety-conscious users, who find it offers peace of mind during operation.
  • Many users are singing praises for the easy maintenance facilitated by the smart engine layout, especially the straightforward oil change process and easy spark plug access.

Negative Reviews

  • Some users have mentioned that the 90-day commercial warranty seems short, especially for those using it in professional settings.
  • A handful of customers have found the dual-lever height adjustment system slightly complicated compared to the single-lever systems they’ve used.
  • A few users have noted that despite a large cutting width, the mower still feels bulky and less agile during operations.

Final Words: Should I Buy Honda HRN216KVA 21-inch Walk Behind Gas Lawn Mower?

The Honda HRN216VKA is not just a lawn mower; it’s a statement of efficiency, design, and convenience. With a residential warranty of 3 years and a commercial warranty of 90 days, it stands as a testament to Honda’s commitment to quality and durability. This product delivers on its promise for homeowners seeking a powerful, reliable, and efficient mowing solution.

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