Gas Rush Stories, a series of short documentaries on shale gas drilling, is a public forum designed to increase awareness of the diverse impacts of gas drilling, and to promote cooperative and constructive dialogue.

Only by exploring this complex issue from the viewpoints of all of the parties involved can we begin to see the bigger picture.

Gas Rush Stories is…

…produced and filmed by independent filmmaker and journalist Kirsi Jansa (, and co-edited with independent filmmakers Erin Brubaker and Tanya Stadelmann.

under the guidance of an Advisory Board consisting of

  1. -Environmental expert: Dr. John Stolz of Duquesne University, Director of the Center for Environmental Research and Education
  2. -Public health experts: Raina Rippel from The Southwest Pennsylvania Environmental Health Project and Dr. Poune Saberi, MD

– Journalistic advisors: Editors Kathy Knauer from Allegheny Front and Sharon Walsh from PublicSource

– Documentary advisor: Associate Professor Will Zavala from Pittsburgh Filmmakers

  1. -Legal advisor: Media Law Lawyer Fritz Byers

produced with grants from The Heinz Endowments and The Sprout Fund and support from individuals.

produced in cooperation with Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Heartfelt thank you to all our partners and supporters!

The Heinz Endowments

The Sprout Fund

Kristan Otto Abeshouse

Jukka Akkanen

Karin Arnds

Steve Awodey

Dwight Bishop 

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